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About Us

Guangfeng Xiaoni Trading Im.&Ex. Co., Ltd.

Standing in the position of customers to satisfy their demands, is always the basis of cooperation concept in the LEEK Group. WELCOME TO VISIT US! 

THE LEEK GROUP, established in the year of 2009, consists of 5 subordinate companies, including JIANGXI LEEK VEHICLES CO.,LTD (The LEEK Group for short) , Guangfeng Xiaoni Trading IM.&Ex. Co., Ltd., Langfang Leek Vehicles Co., Ltd., etc., as well as setting up Jingying Trading Co., Ltd. and LUKE Industrial Co., Ltd. in overseas Bangladesh in 2016, devoting to researching, producing and exporting electric vehicles to overseas market. The main products can be divided into 5 series: 1. Electric tricycle for cargo and passenger ; 2. Spare parts of electric tricycles ; 3. Electric scooters ; 4. Spare parts for motorcycles ; 5. Spare parts for cycles ;


Bearing the spirit of unity, cooperation, and innovation, the LEEK Group endeavors all to research, create and develop new design of products to meet demands in different markets. With registered brand of LEEK EV, the LEEK Group exports products to all countries in the world, having gained much quota in overseas market. In the industry of electric vehicles, the LEEK Group and LEEK EV are well reputed and famous for their good quality, exquisite appearance , and creativeness. Besides, excellent services are also acknowledged by customers, as for the unusual after-sale service in local.